Award Winners

32 Israeli water tech companies applied to enter the Competition.

From these applicants, a panel of application reviewers selected:

  • 6 finalists, who made their company pitches to the judges at the Competition event on Dec 18.  One of these finalists was chosen as the “Winner” on that day.
  • 7 semi-finalists, who were recognized at the Competition event.  One of these semi-finalists was awarded “Top Prospect” on that day.


Atlantium makes UV disinfection of water safe, effective, and sustainable by recycling photons, reducing energy consumption, assuring uniform dose distribution, and providing real-time measurement and documentation.

Blue I provides online real-time water quality instrumentation, based on revolutionary electro-optic IP technology, unique control algorithms, and cellular communications, to assure water quality near the consumer.

Emefcy develops simple, low-cost, modular and scalable wastewater treatment solutions for small communities, remote areas, and reuse.  Emefcy’s systems require no energy for aeration, have low sludge yield, are noiseless and odorless, and perform simultaneous nitrification and de-nitrification.

Curapipe is a pioneering developer of a breakthrough leak curing solution for buried pipe infrastructure from within. Focused primarily on urban water distribution networks that constantly leak, Curapipe is positioning its solution as a low-cost alternative to water mains replacement/renewal.

Peak-Dynamics provides energy-efficient management systems for water delivery networks, by selecting energy portfolios and optimizing pumping schedule. The system allows real-time computation of the least-expensive pumps activation schedule, while fulfilling all other operational requirements.

TACount provides real-time microbiology solutions for the water, food and beverage, electronics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, and its proprietary technologies for bacteria detection, identification and counting enable it to deliver results in minutes compared to the days or weeks.


Advanced Mem-Tech produces water filtration membranes with breakthrough high flux. Mem-Tech membranes can process the same amount of water with a smaller footprint at lower pressure, translating into savings on capital and operating expenses.

AMS Technologies offers a complete product line of extreme acid, solvent, thermal, pressure, and alkaline stable membranes which are applicable to various industries by delivering cost savings, improved recovery rates, greater acid supply reliability, and clear environmental benefits.

Filtoflex has developed an innovative synthetic polymer filtering media that offers an efficient, low-cost, and safe water filtering solution for industrial, municipal, commercial, and agricultural applications.

HydroSpin has developed a unique power solution for smart water networks that generates micro-energy from the flow of water inside distribution pipes, and is backed by Kinrot Ventures, the largest water-related seed investor in the world.

IOSight has been deploying business-intelligence value-added solutions for the water & energy facilities markets since 2007.

NanoSpun Technologies uses proprietary nano-technology to make water and wastewater bioremediation more effective, efficient, and easy-to-use.

nLeak Technologies offers a DSP-based, wireless, acoustic water metering and termination solution for active detection, alert, and reporting in commercial and residential settings.